12 of the Best Pieces of Liverpool Merchandise You Can Buy Now


Being a Liverpool fan is a pretty good gig these days. Jürgen Klopp’s world champions are the envy of teams across the globe, and supporters are always eager to show off their loyalty.

‘But how can I do that?’ I hear you cry. Never fear, just take a look at this list.

Champions League Final Pin Set

Winning the Champions League is about as good as it gets, so why not remember that famous moment from June 2019 with some funky little pins?

You can wear them, or just keep them in the cool display cabinet. Everyone’s a winner (except for Tottenham).

Available from the ​Liverpoo​l Store

Istanbul Medal

Now, if you’ve ever met any Liverpool fan ever, you’ll know that the Reds won the 2005 Champions League in pretty dramatic fashion.

It’s not every day your team comes back from 3-0 down to win the biggest prize in club football, and you can pick up a medal to pretend you were the one firing home the winning penalty.

Available from the ​Liverpool Store

Istanbul Shirt

So, now that we’re clear that Liverpool won the 2005 Champions League final (did I mention they came back from 3-0 down?), let’s continue the merch train.

If a medal isn’t enough for you, take it one step further and pick up a commemorative shirt from that historic night.

Available from ​Pro:Direct

Liverpool Spirit Selection

For the more mature supporter, give your taste buds a chance to get in on the fun with a selection of spirits from Liverpool’s partner.

These are the drinks on offer in the hospitality lounges and Boot Room Sports Cafe inside Anfield, so take a sip and picture yourself in the famous stadium.

Available from ​The Whisky Exchange

YNWA Gold Scarf

Want something to hold high at Anfield? Maybe just to hang up at home? Or, perhaps you’ve just got a cold neck?

Regardless of your needs, this gold-crested scarf will do the job.

Available from ​Amazon

This Is Anfield Flag

Want something to hold high at Anfield? Maybe just to hang up at home? Or, perhaps you’ve just got… a vacant flagpole?​

Available from the ​Liverpool Store

PS4 Controller Skin

Your standard PlayStation 4 controller is pretty dull, but you can spruce it up with a Liverpool-branded skin.

Some say it is easier to grip, but what is certain is that it definitely looks cool.

Available from ​Amazon

1995-97 Phone Case

Liverpool’s goalkeeper shirt from between 1995 and 1997 has certainly gone down in history as one of the most… intriguing (?) kits of all time, and it has now been immortalised as a phone case!

You’ve got to be honest, it does actually look pretty cool. Plus, you’ll almost certainly never lose your phone again. Just look at it.

Available from ​UK Soccer Shop

Bottle Opener

It’s a bottle opener. It opens bottles. You’re welcome.

Available from ​Amazon

1989/90 Retro Shirt

Kenny Dalglish’s Reds lifted the league title in the 1989/90 campaign, and they did so while wearing this fantastic little number.

Sponsored by Candy, who do not actually make candy, this shirt is definitely one of the coolest ones in club history.​

Available from the ​Liverpool Store

Anfield Road Sign

On your way to Anfield, you’ll walk past the famous Anfield Road sign. Save yourself the travel and just bang this one up in your house.

Available from ​Amazon

Table Football

If actual football isn’t your cup of tea, why not try your hand at tabletop football?

Sit this little beauty down and pretend you’re smashing home worldies against the blue players who are definitely supposed to be from Everton. Nothing like a friendly rivalry.

Available from ​Amazon

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